How to get list of workers in Ray cluster?

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I am trying to process a batch of data using a Ray cluster. I’m trying to understand how to get a list of workers in my cluster, so I can emulate this example:

# they have a preset number of workers, I need to use the number of workers in my cluster
workers = [Worker.remote(i) for i in range(4)]

ds =
# -> Dataset(num_blocks=200, num_rows=10000, schema=<class 'int'>)

shards = ds.split(n=4)
# -> [Dataset(num_blocks=13, num_rows=2500, schema=<class 'int'>),
#     Dataset(num_blocks=13, num_rows=2500, schema=<class 'int'>), ...]

ray.get([w.train.remote(s) for w, s in zip(workers, shards)])

I was also wondering how handle elasticity. I.e, spot instances would work with this.
E.g, if a spot instance shuts down, I don’t want to drop a particular shard of the dataset.

You could most immediately name your actors and use ray.util.list_names_acrtors to list them, but it sounds like you may have a different underlying question?

If that’s not enough, could you provide more context about your usecase?

Hi Alex, thanks for the response.
The thing I wanted to do was, run some number of workers for each node in my cluster, but it looks like Ray will handle scheduling tasks for me, (i.e it will automatically spawn 1 task per CPU core).