How to disable spill object on disk and just let app failed?

Hello,my ray version is 2.3.0
Our server’s disk is very small,in fact, only about 50G,while our memory is 512G or more.
So it meaningless to spill objects on disk,let the app fail is more appropriate.

I already did some search,find two ways,and both doesn’t work

  1. ray start --head --system-config='{"automatic_object_spilling_enabled":false}'
    error msg is

(raylet) Failed to parse spilling config, error message: [json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at line 1, column 1: syntax error while parsing value - unexpected end of input; expected ‘[’, ‘{’, or a literalThe config string is probably invalid json:

then I read the source code,and find this msg seems not important,the ParseSpillingPaths will return a empty vector

  1. I set RAY_automatic_object_spilling_enabled env to false

neither works,so I need some help, thanks a lot!

can you try RAY_object_spilling_threshold=1.0 ?

It works,thanks a lot,this really help!