How to create checkpoints

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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from ray.rllib.agents import dqn
from env import AnimalTower, udid_list
from ray.tune.registry import register_env

def env_creator(env_config):
env = AnimalTower()
return env
register_env(“my_env”, env_creator)
trainer = dqn.R2D2Trainer(env=“my_env”, config={
“framework”: “tf”,
# R2D2 settings.
“num_workers”: 3,
“compress_observations”: True,
“exploration_config”: {
“epsilon_timesteps”: 40
“target_network_update_freq”: 10
“model”: {
“use_lstm”: True
“timesteps_per_iteration”: 1

for i in range(10000):
if i % 100 == 0:
checkpoint =
print(“checkpoint saved at”, checkpoint)

Training does not finish, checkpoints are not created in ~/ray_results

Hi @kuu-dtb-rl!

I’m quite new working with RLlib, so I hope I understood your issue right. I could not reproduce your error as you did not provide your custom environment. However, I suggest you use for training instead of dqn.R2D2Trainer() like:
        'training_iteration': 10000,
        'framework': 'tf',
        # R2D2 settings.
        'num_workers': 3,
        'compress_observations': True,
        'exploration_config': {'epsilon_timesteps': 40},
        'target_network_update_freq': 10,
        'model': {'use_lstm': True},
        'timesteps_per_iteration': 1

The checkpoint should be created in /checkpoints.

Again, I could not test it with your custom env but hopefully it will help you.

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I believe you need to explicitly write the checkpoint object:

checkpoint =
with open(some_checkpoint_path, "w") as fp: