How to connect to a remote serve?

I open a serve in one of my laptop(head) using:

serve.start(http_options={'host':ip1, 'location':'EveryNode'})

and in another laptop, I try to connect to this serve:

serve.start(http_options = ip1)

but it fails, and return the error:

ValueError: Failed to bind Ray Serve HTTP proxy to 'ip1:8000'.
Please make sure your http-host and http-port are specified correctly.

How can I connect to a remote serve via python?

Hi @koil, I think the feature you’re looking for here is the Ray Client

You can use ray.client(<ip_addr>).connect() in place of ray.init() to connect to a remote Ray cluster. You’ll also need to start Ray using ray start --head --ray-client-server-port <port_num in order for this to work.