How to change http_proxy serve for gRPC Ingress into FastApi http proxy.?

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I want to serve gRPC server and http server as part of single deployment. Currently when i implement gRPC server, we get three service running.

  1. Ray Dashboard on 8265 port
  2. HTTP Proxy on 8000 port
  3. gRPC on 9000 port

But we are not able to use http in this case. I want to deploy fastapi on port 8000 to replace http proxy with fastapi.

  • How can i do so , any pointer will help alot ?
  • Is it possible to deploy with two ingress (one for gRPC, one for HTTP) ?


2023-02-10 11:35:15,210	INFO -- Started a local Ray instance. View the dashboard at 
(ServeController pid=6707) INFO 2023-02-10 11:35:18,948 controller 6707 - Starting HTTP proxy with name 'SERVE_CONTROLLER_ACTOR:SERVE_PROXY_ACTOR-891db486d37f056d75209dfe018d57eab7bb1cc75854a211babebdd7' on node '891db486d37f056d75209dfe018d57eab7bb1cc75854a211babebdd7' listening on ''
(HTTPProxyActor pid=6710) INFO:     Started server process [6710]
(ServeReplica:Predictor pid=6712) INFO 2023-02-10 11:35:23,016 Predictor Predictor#XCaKeA - Starting gRPC server with on node: listening on port 9000