How to cancel sent ray remote tasks?

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So, I have a class that I’ve decorated with @ray.remote and through these classes, I have them do a bunch of work which I then collect once enough of them have returned.

working_refs = []
for k in range(500):
    for j in range(config.num_actors):
                        k, config.temperature, config.temperature_drop

num_trajectories = 0
num_states = 0
done = False

    while len(working_refs):
        # ray.wait will return the trajectories one at a time
        done_refs, working_refs = ray.wait(working_refs)
        trajectory = ray.get(done_refs[0])
        if not done:
            do a bunch of work on that trajectory
            # if we have enough data now, set done = True

            # we have enough data, 
            _ = ray.get(working_refs) # to ensure that the remaining sent off tasks don't just sit there
            # how do I instead do: ray.cancel(working_refs)
            working_refs = []

How do I instead do: ray.cancel(working_refs) at the end rather than just having ray.get because I don’t actually need those results and it’s slowing down the code quite a bit to wait.