How to assign a specific actor to a specific GPU

I use multiple actors for different jobs.
I defined different functions for each job, and their computation time differ.
Therefore, I want to assign a whole GPU for the heavy-load actor and share the other GPU for light actors.
However, I cannot find how to assign a specific actor to a specific GPU.

I also opened github issue,

class HeavyActor:

class LightActor(HeavyActor):

Does that do it?

It seems a reasonable workaround.
However, if you have several machines with different GPU,
for example, one with 1080TI, and the other with RTX3090.
I want to assign a heavy actor to RTX3090.
I cannot find how to.

Oof yeah that’s rough. @devs, add some form of hardware ID to

Technically, you might be able to specify custom resources per machine depending on how you spin up your Ray cluster… can’t think of anything simpler though

@kyunghyun.lee doesthis describe what you’re trying to do?

I don’t think we have a constant for those GPU’s specifically (contribution welcome though), but you should be able to find the right string in the available resources (it will probably be called accelerator_type:1080TI or something like that).

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… I didn’t even know that was a thing lol. Would be good to have that linked in the Actor doc section

I didn’t know about the accelerator type.
I should try this.

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Thanks! This type of feedback is actually super useful (especially since we’re trying to actively make our documentation easier to navigate).

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any update on this? I also want to assign a certain GPU at the beginning.

It seems like the issue was addressed by Alex. Is his answer not sufficient for your issue?

I tried to follow the answer. But it is still not clear how to use desired GPUs. Here’s my code that taken from Hugginface.

# Create Ray actors only for rank 0.
        if ("LOCAL_RANK" not in os.environ or os.environ["LOCAL_RANK"] == 0) and (
            "NODE_RANK" not in os.environ or os.environ["NODE_RANK"] == 0
            remote_cls = ray.remote(RayRetriever)
            named_actors = [
                for i in range(args.num_retrieval_workers)
                "Getting named actors for NODE_RANK {}, LOCAL_RANK {}".format(
                    os.environ["NODE_RANK"], os.environ["LOCAL_RANK"]
            named_actors = [ray.get_actor("retrieval_worker_{}".format(i)) for i in range(args.num_retrieval_workers)]

This is how I initialized the ray cluster according to this huggingface code.

As you can see it get created with GPU device 0 and, kind of gets copied in other devices. Now I want to execute this worker in a preferred GPU. Let’s say GPU ranked 4th. How to do this?

Hey @Alex Can you answer his question?

Hey @Shamane_Siriwardhana , Ray makes the assumption that all GPU’s on a single node are identical. Can you provide some more context about why you want the actor to run on the 5th GPU specifically?

Due to a memory constrain. While I run the training process I want to calculate some embedding on inputs from a ray worker. Stuff happens inside this works have no effect in gradient graph. During the computation I want to make sure the RAY worker has only access to certain percentage of gpu memory in a given GPU.

In a two GPU setting I assigned the num_gps for 0.25. Then called the RAY worker on GPU ranked 1 ( secondary one). Programme throws me an error saying RAY worker has only one GPU.

Do you mind making a separate post/github issue about what you’re trying to do? In particular, an example may be useful here.

@Alex I already did please refer to this issue.