How to accelerate evaluations with more evaluation workers

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I have many observations (~1M) and want to get actions from policy by calling


I wrote something like

for i in range(1000000):

It take several minutes to complete it and is time-consuming. I wonder if there are better ways to accelerate the process with more evaluation workers?


Hi @Ethan ,

to increase the number of evaluation workers you need to modify your Trainer config by

config["evaluation_num_workers"] = 8
# Change also this to increae the evaluation runs.
config["evaluation_duration"] = 1000000
config["evaluation_duration_unit"] = "timesteps"

If you run then


The evaluation is run in parallel. If you want to tore the actions however, this is not possible during evaluation. There it might help to increase the number of workers via

config["num_workers"] = 8