How do you ray team debug the core internally?

I know debugging mentioned in this forum are more about appication level. One trouble I falled into recently was some errors occured only in my local machine. The ray system is broken. I touched you guys but it is hard for you to reproduce the issues in your side . A feasible way might be to debug it by myself.

It is helpful if ray team can draft a doc to guide non-ray team developers to debug into the ray core easily. Maybe there have some materials already but I did not find from ray website.

Hi Bin,

Thanks for asking but this question seems too general to answer.
When you say “debug ray core”, it’s a really big topic. If you could narrow it down to a specific type of issue, it might be easier for example, out of memory issues.

+1 to this. Also maybe take a look at Debugging (internal) — Ray 2.3.0 ? small doc but has something