High Memory Usage

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I upgraded my development system while Ray 2.0 came out, but now that I’m getting back into my workflow, and using my new resources, I’m noticing that my runs are using more memory than before. Just following the fractional_gpu example on github (mostly, code pasted below), my system is completely maxing out on RAM and VRAM usage. It will still run in this case, but for my application it quickly hits OOM issues. It just seems like the training process shouldn’t require this many resources.

from ray import air, tune
from ray.tune.registry import register_env
from ray.rllib.env.wrappers.pettingzoo_env import PettingZooEnv
from pettingzoo.mpe import simple_spread_v2

# Based on code from github.com/parametersharingmadrl/parametersharingmadrl

if __name__ == "__main__":

    register_env("simple_spread", lambda _: PettingZooEnv(simple_spread_v2.env()))

            stop={"episodes_total": 60000},
            # Enviroment specific.
            "env": "simple_spread",
            # General
            "num_gpus": 0.001,
            "num_workers": 20,
            "num_gpus_per_worker": (1-0.001)/21,
            "num_envs_per_worker": 1,
            "compress_observations": True,

            # Algorithm Specific
            "lambda": 0.99,
            "train_batch_size": 512,
            "sgd_minibatch_size": 32,
            "num_sgd_iter": 5,
            "batch_mode": "truncate_episodes",
            "entropy_coeff": 0.01,
            "lr": 2e-5,

            "multiagent": {
                "policies": {"shared_policy"},
                "policy_mapping_fn": (
                    lambda agent_id, episode, **kwargs: "shared_policy"
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Hi @Collin_Phillips ,

Thanks for providing a concise problem description.
I have reproduces this on an AWS g3 instance.
the num_gpus_per worker ends up being 0,047571428571429 though.
This might just be a rounding issue. Have you tried with a little more conservative share? Like (1-0.001)/22?

I have opened an issue to track this.


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Thanks for the response. I just tried it again with (1-0.001)/22 and saw the same resource usage behavior.

For comparison, the same config without fractional gpus (i.e. num_gpus=1) uses a fraction of the resources.

Would it be best to move the discussion to the github issue from here?

Thanks for trying this out. And yes, let’s move this to GH.