Hidden numpy array

i have Class that uses numpy array…

          class NPClass:

             def __init__(....):
               self.ary = np.zeros(...)

             def search(self,i):
                for j in self.ary :
                   if i % j == 0 : return j

then I have a metod that use that class

          class Foo:

            def boo(self,...):
              a = NPClass(...)
              rv = []

              for i in range(100000):
                res = a.search(i)

              return rv

i know for normal numpy array i can use np.put() to share between ray tasks… but

How can I parellize this loop ? Where the array is under control by the external class (NPClass) ?

In this specific case all the tasks are just reading

If the NPClass object is pickle-able, then you can also share it between ray tasks.