Get actor name inside the actor

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Inside the actor functions I need to access the actor name for my own logging purposes.
It is not part of the runtime context or any other api that I can see.
I could pass it as an argument to the actor function but it doesn’t seem like the correct solution
Is there a way I can just access it inside the actor?

Hey @shiranbi , would the python class name be enough for your case? E.g. self.__class__.__name__ ?

Hi @rickyyx
No, since I create multiple instances of the same class as different instances of the actors,
I give each one a unique name,
I thought about using actor id but it doesn’t tell me which instance it was, just makes it unique.

Hey @shiranbi I see. In that case, I think having a name attribute for each instance as you suggested is probably the best way. I agree there could be a more “rayish” way, e.g., by injecting the supplied “name” option into the class instance itself.

What Ricky suggests is the only way for now. We can definitely expose it through runtime context, could you file a feature request github ticket?