Failed Launching Ray Clusters on Azure

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I am an Azure subscription.

When I Launching Ray Clusters on Azure following this :

Then got a deployment failed error on the Azure clound shell:
‘code’: ‘DeploymentFailed’,
‘message’: ‘At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see Deployment history - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Learn for usage details.’,
‘details’: [
‘code’: ‘RoleAssignmentUpdateNotPermitted’,
‘message’: ‘Tenant ID, application ID, principal ID, and scope are not allowed to be updated.’

I had filled my Azure [resource_group] and [location] And also seted ‘az account set -s <subscription_id>’ corrected.

Hello everyone, this problem has been solved, if the first time did not deploy successfully, you need to remove the original generation of some resources, it will not generate these attributes can not be changed error.