Error while fetching data from Object Store

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I am putting image into object store via ray.put() and passing the reference to another actor. When I tried to access it, for some frames I am receiving following error:

Failed to retrieve object 001d81a1e0baa01dade71591650d689f2dec4a52010000008ae3f505. To see information about where this ObjectRef was created in Python, set the environment variable RAY_record_ref_creation_sites=1 during `ray start` and `ray.init()`.
(ResultExtractor pid=2803196) 
(ResultExtractor pid=2803196) The object has already been deleted by the reference counting protocol. This should not happen.

Can anyone please suggest, what could be the issue?

Hi @shyampatel,

Could you share the repro script? How do you pass the reference to another actor?

Thanks for your reply @jjyao.

I could not reproduce the same via simple script, but it’s occurring in our pipeline.

What we are doing is, to pass image from one actor to another, first I am putting image into object store via img_ref = ray.put(img), and passing this reference with some other information via a class instance of Frame to another actor:

class Frame:
    def __init__(self, img_ref, dets):
        self.img_ref = img_ref
        self.dets = dets

How do you pass Frame to the other actor?

We are passing Frame instance to another actor via ray queue.