DQN algorithm possible bugg

Hello! I’m trying to implement a DQN algorithm, but after configuring it and running the program an error appears:

PS C:\Users\grhen\Documents\GitHub\EP_RLlib>  c:; cd 'c:\Users\grhen\Documents\GitHub\EP_RLlib'; & 'C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\python.exe' 'c:\Users\grhen\.vscode\extensions\ms-python.python-2023.22.1\pythonFiles\lib\python\debugpy\adapter/../..\debugpy\launcher' '62617' '--' 'c:\Users\grhen\Documents\GitHub\EP_RLlib\VENT_init_training.py'
2024-01-09 11:15:49,983 INFO worker.py:1715 -- Started a local Ray instance. View the dashboard at 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Users\grhen\Documents\GitHub\EP_RLlib\VENT_init_training.py", line 136, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\dqn\dqn.py", line 244, in training
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\simple_q\simple_q.py", line 243, in training
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\algorithm_config.py", line 1816, in training
    self.optimizer = merge_dicts(self.optimizer, optimizer)
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\dict.py", line 22, in merge_dicts
    deep_update(merged, d2, True, [])
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\dict.py", line 58, in deep_update
    for k, value in new_dict.items():
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'items'

My configuration (part of it) is the following:

from ray.rllib.algorithms.dqn.dqn import DQNConfig

algo = DQNConfig().training(
            gamma = 0.99 if not tune_runner else tune.uniform(0.7, 0.99),
            lr = 0.1 if not tune_runner else tune.uniform(0.001, 0.1),
            grad_clip = None,
            grad_clip_by = 'global_norm',
            train_batch_size = 128 if not tune_runner else tune.randint(128, 257),
            optimizer = None,
            max_requests_in_flight_per_sampler_worker = None,
            learner_class = None,
            _enable_learner_api = None,
            num_atoms = 1 if not tune_runner else tune.randint(1, 11),
            v_min = -1 if not tune_runner else tune.randint(-10, 0),
            v_max = 1 if not tune_runner else tune.randint(1, 11),
            noisy = True,
            sigma0 = 1 if not tune_runner else tune.uniform(0.01, 0.99),
            dueling = True,
            hiddens = [256],
            double_q = True,
            n_step = 1 if not tune_runner else tune.randint(1, 11),
            training_intensity = None,
            replay_buffer_config = {
                '_enable_replay_buffer_api': True,
                'type': 'MultiAgentPrioritizedReplayBuffer',
                'capacity': 50000,
                'prioritized_replay_alpha': 0.6,
                'prioritized_replay_beta': 0.4,
                'prioritized_replay_eps': 1e-6,
                'replay_sequence_length': 1,
            td_error_loss_fn = None,
            categorical_distribution_temperature = 1.0,
            observation_space=gym.spaces.Box(float("-inf"), float("inf"), (49,)),
                'sys_path': path,
                'ep_terminal_output': ep_terminal_output,
                'csv': False,
                'output': TemporaryDirectory("output","DQN_",path+'/Resultados_RLforEP').name,
                'epw': path+'/GitHub/EP_RLlib/EP_Wheater_Configuration/Mendoza_Obs_-hour-historico1.epw',
                'idf': path+'/GitHub/EP_RLlib/EP_IDF_Configuration/model_1.epJSON',
                'idf_folderpath': path+"/GitHub/EP_RLlib/EP_IDF_Configuration",
                'idf_output_folder': path+"/models",
                'climatic_stads': path+'/GitHub/EP_RLlib/EP_Wheater_Configuration',
                'beta': 0,
                'E_max': 2.5/6,
                'separate_state_space': True,
                'one_hot_state_encoding': True,
                'episode': -1,
                'is_test': False,
            framework = 'torch',
            recreate_failed_workers = True,
            num_rollout_workers = 1,
            rollout_fragment_length = 'auto',
            enable_connectors = True,
            _enable_new_api_stack = True,
        ).reporting( # multi_agent config va aquí
            min_sample_timesteps_per_iteration = 2000,
            export_native_model_files = True,
            log_level = "ERROR",
            num_gpus = 0,

I can’t find out if it’s a mistake I made. Following the error message I find that on line 1816 of the script ray/rllib/algorithms/algorithm_config.py it tries to merge the optimizer, however, as I have configured _enable_learner_api=True this should be ignored, right?

Can anyone help me solve it? Thank you!

I commented out the optimizer option and the problem disappeared (I don’t understand why). Now another error appears, not in the configuration but in the execution of the training:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Users\grhen\Documents\GitHub\EP_RLlib\VENT_init_training.py", line 311, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\tuner.py", line 381, in fit      
    return self._local_tuner.fit()
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\impl\tuner_internal.py", line 509, in fit
    analysis = self._fit_internal(trainable, param_space)
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\impl\tuner_internal.py", line 628, in _fit_internal
    analysis = run(
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\tune.py", line 1002, in run      
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\execution\tune_controller.py", line 722, in step
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\execution\tune_controller.py", line 822, in _maybe_update_trial_queue
    if not self._update_trial_queue(blocking=not dont_wait_for_trial):
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\execution\tune_controller.py", line 625, in _update_trial_queue
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\execution\tune_controller.py", line 573, in add_trial
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\tune\experiment\trial.py", line 429, in create_placement_group_factory
    default_resources = trainable_cls.default_resource_request(self.config)
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\algorithm.py", line 2383, in default_resource_request
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\dqn\dqn.py", line 280, in validate
  File "C:\Users\grhen\anaconda3\envs\rllib290\lib\site-packages\ray\rllib\algorithms\simple_q\simple_q.py", line 279, in validate
    if self.exploration_config["type"] == "ParameterNoise":
KeyError: 'type'

@hermmanhender , thanks for posting this. From a first view it looks as if the code tries to merge two dicts, of which one is None.

Can you try to set either optimizer in training to {} or not at all? I think this should avoid the error.

Hi @Lars_Simon_Zehnder, thanks for your suggestion! Sorry the late response.

I changed the optimizer value to an empty dict and the first error disappear, like with comment it solution.

But the problem with the exploration validation still appearing.

Hi again. I set:

DQNConfig().).experimental(_enable_new_api_stack = False)

and now it work.
Sorry! I think the error was because the DQN algorithm is not implemented in the new RLModule.

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Great that you found out we the error was. Yes DQN is transferred into the new stack, yet. I say yet because we are implementing at the moment. I should come soon.

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