Does ray dataset support ORC format? Would we support it?

No docs found for ORC format, do ray dataset support it? If not, are we going to support it?

So I guess no one is using ORC or interested in this format support.

Hi @fengsp , we currently don’t have support for ORC format with Ray Data, but please feel free to submit a feature request on the Ray repository.

@fengsp Once you submit an issues, please include the link here, and I can resolve this issue.


Here is the github issue: [Data] Add support for Apache ORC format · Issue #37890 · ray-project/ray · GitHub
Also I created a pull request for this: [Data] Add support for ORC format by fengsp · Pull Request #37891 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

@fengsp Thanks for filing the issue. For now, I’ll close this issue.