Documentation for Ray v1.13.0 no longer available

Hello! I recently went to the documentation part of the website,, and the documentation for Ray v1.13.0 is no longer available. I recognize there is a desire to migrate everyone to Ray v2, but some of us are still stuck on Ray v1 ([Core|Serve] GPU Actors stuck in pending state · Issue #32222 · ray-project/ray · GitHub) and it would be nice to access the documentation for at least the last version of Ray v1 for a little longer. Would it be possible to host the Ray v1.13 docs again?

Maybe I am just missing the link or URL. What is the easiest way to access the built documentation for any version of Ray?

cc @Max_Pumperla think this may have been broken with the recent docs migration?

Hi @ts-cfield,

Older versions (up to 1.11.0) are currently being added back, and you should see them in the lower left-hand side dropdown soon. I will ping again once the docs have finished building.

@ts-cfield Should be available now! Welcome to the Ray documentation — Ray 1.13.0

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@justinvyu Thank you! This is great, very helpful.