Disable dashboard in serve run

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Dashboard is very useful for our development. But we want to disable it for production to save resources, since our infra already has different tools for monitoring.

We couldn’t find how to specify “include_dashboard=False” with “serve run” in docs as well as previous discussion.
Could you provide some way to do it?

P.S: in near term we’ll likely move to Kuberay, but there’s no docs for it either (currently TODO).

You would need to disable the dashboard when you start Ray. serve run takes in an optional--address argument, so you would first need to start a Ray cluster with ray start --include-dashboard=false and then pass the cluster’s address to serve run.

You can set ray start arguments in KubeRay in the rayStartParams section. That’s where you specify include-dashboard: 'false'.

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@yoquan Does @shrekris response answer your question? If so, we can close this issue as resolved.

I was consumed by other task, thus haven’t tested thoroughly yet.
But @shrekris’s instruction was very clear - thank you! I think it would be fine, so will close this issue.

Have a nice weekend.

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Excellent, thanks for the response.