Dependency management

High: It blocks me to complete my task.


I’m playing with Ray in order to speed up an algorithm I’m using to create noise for a game I’m developing. I’m developing on my laptop which is very underpowered but I have a machine with a GTX 1070 under the stairs which I’m trying to utilise by having a Ray Actor generate the noise values.

The problem I’m having is that on my laptop I can’t install Cupy as my GPU doesn’t support CUDA. I’ve noticed you can use Environments with Ray, so I’ve setup my actor as follows:

runtime_env = RuntimeEnv(pip=["perlin_cupy", "cupy-cuda11x", "numpy"])
ray.init("ray://", runtime_env=runtime_env)

I think this should work however I can’t start up the project locally as I get a runtime error:

perlin_cupy/", line 1, in
import cupy as cp
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘cupy’

This isn’t surprising as I can’t install the package, however I’d assume this is a common issue and may be easily resolved?

I am not quite sure if I understood your question…

Are you saying GTX 1070 has the GPU that supports CUDA, but your laptop doesn’t, and you are still trying to connect your laptop to the machine under the stairs to use Ray? But this requires to install cupy on both your machines + GTX 1070?