(de)serialization on Windows fails

Hi, i have problems with (de)serialization on Windows, the deserialization wants to access a file whose name starts with ram:// which cannot be found on Windows. Is this some Linux specific IPC (Inter Process Communication) or SHM (Shared Memory) logic not appropriate for Windows? I use Ray 2.0 with Python 3.9 and Tensorflow 2.10. Due to Tensorflow restrictions i am stuck with protobuf 3.19.4 (in fact protobuf < 3.20) if that matters.

Sorry but I’ll need a bit more information to figure out where the problem is coming from. It would be best if you could open a GitHub issue with a reproducible script. Thanks!

Thx for your answer an i opened [<Ray component: Core · Issue #28446 · ray-project/ray (github.com)

I see that we concurrently modified the issue, i hope it is OK now and perhaps needs a windows tag too?

This error occurs inside Tensorflow and is present up to and including version 2.10.1. With Tensorflow version 2.11 it is gone now.

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