Dashboard Templating Failure with Legacy Queries on Latest Grafana Version

After updating to the latest Grafana Docker image, I’ve encountered a significant compatibility issue affecting the dashboard functionality, specifically related to templating and the use of legacy queries. Previously functional dashboards are now failing to upgrade these legacy queries, a problem that was not present in an older version of Grafana.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upgrade to the latest Grafana Docker image (grafana/grafana:latest).
  2. Attempt to access the existing dashboards that utilize templating with legacy queries.
  3. The dashboards fail to load properly, with an error message indicating a failure in upgrading legacy queries.

@aguo have you run into this before?

@SARI_BOUSSOUAR is this a problem with Ray out of the box (i.e. are Ray’s built-in queries using legacy queries, and are therefore failing on the newest Grafana version?) Or is it a problem with user-provided queries? If it’s a Ray issue, if you could directly create an issue on the Ray github, that would be appreciated.

A couple more questions would help, if you could include the answers in the issue:

  1. Which Ray version are you using?
  2. Which panels specifically fail to load, or is it all of them?

The issue lies with Ray out of the box. I’m using Ray version 2.9.3, and all panels fail to load.

@architkulkarni did you get a chance to look into it?