Custom serialization does not seem to work

I need a custom serialization for my trainable. However, tune seems to ignore my own serialization/deserialization functions.

Using the first two approaches mentioned in here: Serialization — Ray v2.0.0.dev0,
I’ve done the following brief example showing neither option works.

What am I missing? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the commented part creating dump directly from a MyTrainable instance does work for both approaches mentioned in docs. The problem is, the serialization functions are not used in

import sys

import ray
from ray import tune

class MyTrainable(tune.Trainable):
    def step(self):
        return { "score" : 5 }
    def __reduce__(self):
        print("Reduce invoked")
        return MyTrainable, (self.config,)

def custom_serializer(a):
    print("Serializer invoked")
    return a.config

def custom_deserializer(b):
    return MyTrainable(b)

#  MyTrainable, serializer=custom_serializer, deserializer=custom_deserializer)

#ray.cloudpickle.dumps(MyTrainable({"a" : 10}))

analysis =
    stop={"training_iteration": 5},
        "a": tune.choice([1,2])
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Maybe try something like:

analysis =

__reduce__ is an instance method, and tune serializes the class (not the instance).

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