CQL for discrete actions

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Hi @kourosh,

I am interested in utilizing CQL for a discrete action space. However, I noticed that RLlib’s CQL implementation only supports continuous actions. Is there any plan to extend support to discrete actions?

I have been using RLlib for several years, primarily with PPO, but now I need to use CQL. While TorchRL supports CQL for discrete actions, migrating to TorchRL is not feasible for me as my entire training pipeline is based on RLlib.

It would be immensely beneficial if the RLlib team could incorporate this functionality.

Thank you.

Hi @sven1977 and @arturn , I have the same quesiton for you :slight_smile:

Woud you please inform me if there is any plan to add CQL for discrete aciton setting?

Thank you!

It seems that all Rllib developers in AnyScale moved to work on LLMs :slight_smile: