Copy entire package to runtime env

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I’m developing a package which uses Ray workflows. It has the following structure:


In another script, I’ve written some code which invokes ray.init and runs some of the functions in my_package.

Using the runtime_env kwarg of ray.init, what’s the correct way to specify that I want this entire package to be copied to each of the Ray workers (to allow for quick development)?

Would it just be runtime_env={"py_modules": ["path/to/my_package/my_package"]}? Or would I need to add one path for each module, so something like this: runtime_env={"py_modules": ["path/to/my_package/my_package/subpackage_a/", "path/to/my_package/my_package/subpackage_b/", ...]}?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Jack_Dry

Could you try both and see which one works?

Hi I did try both. The first way works, i.e., specifying: path/to/my_package/my_package. I originally just had path/to/my_package which wasn’t working. Thanks!