Continue training after finishing first run

Let us say I have trained the RL model for 1000 episodes with, how do I tell Ray to continue training for another 1000 episodes?

I have tried passing resume=True, which resumes the experiment but then exits instead of training for another 1000 episodes even after giving stop criteria to 2000 episodes.

Hey @geekyneuro , maybe there is another stopping criteria that kicks in? Like reward or training iterations or so?

There isn’t any other stopping criteria set explicitly in the config file. Only the episodes._total



Hi @geekyneuro,

Have you tried using restore without resume? I am not sure exactly how you are using it but I have found that if I use tune to run trials and it finishes them then it will mark it as “Terminated” which means it finished normally. When you try to resume a run that has “Terminated” it will finish immediately you can not continue trainng. I think what you want to use here is restore.