Command line way to remove single node from cluster

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ray status gives me the following:

======== Autoscaler status: 2024-01-18 11:28:28.289941 ========
Node status

1 node_b83d3eddbe04f60d74fc2f0c29f7ce31ad370b5f997c9b0e9be3a357
1 node_4b838f992b56b89062a4658307d3593e6adc57c8f9555308771a590b
1 node_b79136957dd860dfe7dc7750289524758853d51c0585b6432c7e3a43
1 node_fd507c0767a36dc0fc2cecaaad55631eb563baea5e51455f6f7b8779
1 node_c7ba74cb2c7cdb488844334783d4f0737746d13427e1792597f39361
1 node_6e9bae00f4a3e0a9272c535fd9ed6f9a0056aac35bfb3e0b4d5e07af
(no pending nodes)
Recent failures:
(no failures)


1.0/5.0 CPU
0B/5.23TiB memory
17.74MiB/1.09TiB object_store_memory

(no resource demands)

Is there a command where I can remove 1 specific node from the cluster? Something like:

ray stop node_b83d3eddbe04f60d74fc2f0c29f7ce31ad370b5f997c9b0e9be3a357

I’m running ray on a slurm cluster and I want to have the ability to shrink my cluster.