Change learning rete for DQN

Hi, is there a way to use a scheduler to change the learning rate for training DQN without using tune? Currently, the learning rate is constant throughout! Any tutorial links or resources would be great!


Here is an example from apex_dqn but it would work the same for synchronous dqn.


Hello @mannyv , is it possible to see the change of lr in the metrics? I have an issue with the lr schedule and I’m trying to see if its really changing


I think it should be logged as “cur_lr”

Thank you @mannyv , I’m having some issues so I will open a topic

Thanks @mannyv . Can you please explain what the values represent or a doc I can refer to!

@varunjammula ,

you can find something about this for example here. Most agents in RLlib are inherited from Trainer and you can build a Trainer that uses a learning rate schedule by including the mixin LearningRateSchedule. Than you can use such a behavior as shown above by @mannyv .

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