Cannot see output of print statements

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First off, sorry if my question is basic (I’m new to rllib), but I can’t seem to get things printed to my console when using rllib. I have copied some code from the example custom environment ray/ at master · ray-project/ray · GitHub
and while my training is running just fine, I only receive training summary output. None of the print statements that I insert result in any output to console. Even the pretty_print() statement that came in the example code doesn’t seem to do anything. I feel like if I understood what was happening with the print statements, I would understand what might be happening with some of my other problems.

For an example of what I am talking about, no “printed” statements occur from the below code (also, idk how to fix the indentation for this, but it is similar to the link I posted):

if args.no_tune:
# manual training with train loop using PPO and fixed learning rate
if != “PPO”:
raise ValueError(“Only support --run PPO with --no-tune.”)
print(“Running manual train loop without Ray Tune.”)
ppo_config = ppo.DEFAULT_CONFIG.copy()
# use fixed learning rate instead of grid search (needs tune)
ppo_config[“lr”] = 1e-3
trainer = ppo.PPO(config=ppo_config, env=dot_environment.dot_environment)
# run manual training loop and print results after each iteration
for _ in range(args.stop_iters):
result = trainer.train()
# stop training of the target train steps or reward are reached
if (
result[“timesteps_total”] >= args.stop_timesteps
or result[“episode_reward_mean”] >= args.stop_reward

Hi @Randy-Hodges ,

This should absolutely work! Are you sure that you properly provided args.no_tune? The print statements you inserted only get run if your interpreter actually enters this code branch. On my machine, this works and I’m pretty sure it would on others.

Reply, yes it works. I was running the code with an incorrect argument, that’s all. Thanks for the help. I was just being dumb because I was green