Cannot get the object of other node' shared memory through ray.get(ref)

Driver program runs on node A, actor can only be created on node B (because only B can satisfy this resource). But why can’t node A get object across nodes through ref, this ref is valid, node B can get object.

import ray
import numpy as np


@ray.remote(num_cpus=1, resources={"node": 1})
class Actor:
    def foo(self):

    def put(self):
        ref = ray.put(np.ones(2**29, dtype=np.uint8))
        return ref 

    def get(self, ref):
        x = ray.get(ref)

actor = Actor.remote()
ref = actor.put.remote()
actor.get.remote(ref) # output is array

arr = ray.get(ref)
print(np.sum(arr)) # output is nothing

hmm @junsheng the code you provided is working for me.
if you want to share actors between two nodes that should be supported. also you might want to try out Using Actors — Ray v1.9.0