Call method from other serve deployment already in the init

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Hi there,
before the update to Ray 2.7.1, I was able to call a method from a serve deployment (let’s call it ‘Registry’, it’s a custom grpc port registry) that returns a port number. I was able to call this already in the init of my other serve deployment by using

handle = serve.get_deployment('Registry).get_handle() 
port = ray.get(handle.get_port.remote())

I need to this in the init of the deployment as it need to start a custom grpc server.
Now with the new 2.7.1 serve API, I guess I would need to do:

handle = serve.get_deployment_handle('Registry', 'RegistryApp')
port = await handle.get_port.remote()

That doesnt’t work as the init is not an async method.

handle.get_port().result() also doesn’t work from within a deployment. Only outside…

I appreciate any ideas!

Hi @bananajoe182

Thanks for upgrading and trying out our new and improved APIs. With the new DeploymentHandle object type, you might be able to just call port = handle.get_port.remote().result() to get the results from get_port()

I don’t have your exact code, but hopefully this helps to understand a bit more

import ray
from ray import serve

class Registry:
    def __call__(self):
        return "1234"
    def get_port(self):
        return "5678", name="RegistryApp")
handle = serve.get_deployment_handle("Registry", "RegistryApp")
call_result = handle.remote().result()
port = handle.get_port.remote().result()

See: ray.serve.handle.DeploymentHandle — Ray 2.7.1

Also, as a side note, starting from Ray 2.7, we are also offering gRPC support directly from Serve. You can read more from Set Up a gRPC Service — Ray 2.7.1

Hi Gene,

thanks for your response. Unfortunately this is not working, as I’m getting the following error:

RuntimeError: Sync methods should not be called from within anasyncioevent loop. Useawait responseorawait response._to_object_ref() instead.

I’m using these line in the init of another serve deployment:
handle = serve.get_deployment_handle(“Registry”, “RegistryApp”)
call_result = handle.remote().result()

when I try with await:
handle = serve.get_deployment_handle(“Registry”, “RegistryApp”)
call_result = await handle.remote()

I get:
SyntaxError: 'await' outside async function

Hmm have you tested the code I pasted earlier and it’s giving you error? I just tried it again and it’s running without error for me on master😅 The error you saw seems like you are not using async def on your function when calling it in an async context. Would be nice if you can share more code so I can try to reproduce your issue and debug

Ok I reduced the code because I’m not allowed to share it but thats what I’m basically doing:

I have a python script with this code:

class Lama(rayNuke_pb2_grpc.PredictAPIsServiceServicer, CustomgRPCIngress):
    def __init__(self):
        self.worker_ip = ray.util.get_node_ip_address()
        handle = serve.get_deployment_handle('DeploymentInfo', 'DeploymentInfoApp')
		grpc_port = handle.get_port.remote().result()
lama_app = Lama.bind()

and another one with that:

# This class serves as registry wich manages grcp addresses of multiple machines	
class DeploymentInfo(rayNuke_pb2_grpc.PredictAPIsServiceServicer, CustomgRPCIngress):
	def __init__(self):
		# do init stuff here
	def get_port(self):
		# generate port number for the machine
		test_port = 6798
		return test_port
DeploymentInfo_app = DeploymentInfo.bind()

I have a deployment config like this:

proxy_location: HeadOnly
  port: 8000
  - name: DeploymentInfoApp
    route_prefix: /deployment
    import_path: DeploymentInfo:DeploymentInfo_app
      - name: DeploymentInfo
        num_replicas: 1

  - name: LamaApp
    route_prefix: /lama
    import_path: lama_refined:lama_app
      - name: Lama
        num_replicas: 1
          num_cpus: 8
          num_gpus: 1

When I test this with serve run deployment_config.yaml it says:

(ServeController pid=89680, ip= INFO 2023-11-07 11:46:13,891 controller 89680 - Replica LamaApp#Lama#kZRiet is stopped.
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= INFO 2023-11-07 11:46:13,892 controller 89680 - Adding 1 replica to deployment Lama in application 'LamaApp'.
(ServeReplica:DeploymentInfoApp:DeploymentInfo pid=29204, ip= INFO 2023-11-07 11:46:13,905 DeploymentInfo DeploymentInfoApp#DeploymentInfo#SkdLUJ DeploymentInfoApp - ADD_ACTOR OK 0.0ms
(HTTPProxyActor pid=2352) INFO 2023-11-07 20:46:15,112 http_proxy - Proxy actor cf679dc61c4acc07b975e4e210000000 starting on node c973b330b5ce3f9eee0b7cca3a9b8bb4c32bacc8d57885c1c19eec2e.
(HTTPProxyActor pid=2352) INFO 2023-11-07 20:46:15,121 http_proxy - Starting HTTP server on node: c973b330b5ce3f9eee0b7cca3a9b8bb4c32bacc8d57885c1c19eec2e listening on port 8000
(HTTPProxyActor pid=2352) INFO:     Started server process [2352]
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= INFO 2023-11-07 11:46:15,524 controller 89680 - Start to drain the proxy actor on node c973b330b5ce3f9eee0b7cca3a9b8bb4c32bacc8d57885c1c19eec2e
(ServeReplica:LamaApp:Lama pid=1660) DeprecationWarning: `route_prefix` in `@serve.deployment` has been deprecated. To specify a route prefix for an application, pass it into `` instead.
(ServeReplica:LamaApp:Lama pid=1660) Detectron v2 is not installed
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= INFO 2023-11-07 11:46:28,045 controller 89680 - Stop draining the proxy actor on node c973b330b5ce3f9eee0b7cca3a9b8bb4c32bacc8d57885c1c19eec2e
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= ERROR 2023-11-07 11:46:28,150 controller 89680 - Exception in replica 'LamaApp#Lama#JgXThC', the replica will be stopped.
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= Traceback (most recent call last):
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\_private\", line 615, in check_ready
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     _, self._version = ray.get(self._ready_obj_ref)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\", line 24, in auto_init_wrapper
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return fn(*args, **kwargs)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\", line 103, in wrapper
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return func(*args, **kwargs)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\", line 2547, in get
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     raise value.as_instanceof_cause()
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= ray.exceptions.RayTaskError(RuntimeError): ray::ServeReplica:LamaApp:Lama.initialize_and_get_metadata() (pid=1660, ip=, actor_id=9e6a32709d85e1ff757061ee10000000, repr=<ray.ser
ve._private.replica.ServeReplica:LamaApp:Lama object at 0x0000029E25196940>)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "python\ray\_raylet.pyx", line 1616, in ray._raylet.execute_task
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "python\ray\_raylet.pyx", line 1551, in ray._raylet.execute_task.function_executor
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "python\ray\_raylet.pyx", line 4283, in ray._raylet.CoreWorker.run_async_func_or_coro_in_event_loop
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "C:\Python39\lib\concurrent\futures\", line 445, in result
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return self.__get_result()
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "C:\Python39\lib\concurrent\futures\", line 390, in __get_result
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     raise self._exception
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "python\ray\_raylet.pyx", line 4270, in async_func
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\util\tracing\", line 499, in _resume_span
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return await method(self, *_args, **_kwargs)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\_private\", line 442, in initialize_and_get_metadata
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     raise RuntimeError(traceback.format_exc()) from None
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= RuntimeError: Traceback (most recent call last):
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\_private\", line 430, in initialize_and_get_metadata
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     await self._initialize_replica()
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\_private\", line 190, in initialize_replica
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     await sync_to_async(_callable.__init__)(*init_args, **init_kwargs)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\_private\", line 34, in wrapper
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return func(*args, **kwargs)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "\\inferno2\projects\common\home\oku\repos\RAY\ray_server\deployment\scripts\lama_refined\", line 89, in __init__
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     grpc_port = self.info_actor.get_port.remote().result()
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\", line 647, in result
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     self._to_object_ref_sync(_record_telemetry=False), timeout=timeout_s
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\", line 677, in _to_object_ref_sync
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     return self._to_object_ref_or_gen_sync(_record_telemetry=_record_telemetry)
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=   File "S:\local_repos\envs\torch_py_39_trt_onnx\lib\site-packages\ray\serve\", line 524, in _to_object_ref_or_gen_sync
(ServeController pid=89680, ip=     raise RuntimeError(
(ServeController pid=89680, ip= RuntimeError: Sync methods should not be called from within an `asyncio` event loop. Use `await response` or `await response._to_object_ref()` instead.

Cool thanks for the code. I tested and like you mentioned it gives that sync method error. And like the error suggested, just change the call in Lama class to the below should be working

class Lama():
    async def __init__(self):  # <-- this needs to be async def
        handle = serve.get_deployment_handle('DeploymentInfo', 'DeploymentInfoApp')
        grpc_port = await handle.get_port.remote()  # <-- this needs to be await
        print("grpc_port", grpc_port)

lama_app = Lama.bind()

Let me know if this works for you!

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Thanks Gene!!

async def __init__(self):

did the trick. Although my IDE complained that the init couldn’t be a async function it works.

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