Basic Group and Aggregate task unable to complete

How severe does this issue affect your experience of using Ray?

  • High: It blocks me to complete my task.

I am testing the abilities of Ray :slight_smile:

Till the above notebook code blocks everything seems good, but when I run this :

For more than 22 minutes this code block is running without any progress on the task (according to the progress bar) Also it is using only 2 threads in my machine (I have a machine with Intel i5 processor (I think 8 threads ))

It has spilled around 66340 MiB data which seems very high and the task is not even moving ahead

I think there are many spilled workers coming up in the htop output on my terminal. Also for some reason there are many ray::IDLE workers as well.

What is the correct way of doing this and what is the mistake I have made.

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