Autoscaler behavior on minikube when new nodes are added


I launched an example cluster with max_worker param set to 3 and I also set max_workers key in worker_node under available_node_types section to 3.

I start minikube as : minikube start --cpus=24 --memory=“32G”

I run the below tasks:

… def f():
… time.sleep(2)
… return ray.get_runtime_context().node_id.hex()

set(ray.get([f.remote() for _ in range(100)]))
(autoscaler +2m14s) Tip: use ray status to view detailed autoscaling status. To disable autoscaler event messages, you can set AUTOSCALER_EVENTS=0.
(autoscaler +2m14s) Adding 3 nodes of type worker_node.

I get only one node_id which executes the task, I was expecting more than one node ids to be returned and a max of 3 node_ids 1 head_node (assuming head_node does not execute any tasks) but I get only one node_id, can you please confirm this is the expected behavior?