Another tune after restoring a PPO algorithm

if i want to continue training my algorithm after saving it in the checkpoint, how can i make it?
my idea is show as following but the grammer is not right that algo can not be directly used in the tune.Tuner:

algo =
results = tune.Tuner(


This issue have been raised multiple time and it seems that there is no clear solution.

I have been trying to link all the github issue related to that on my own github issue here : Fails restoring weights · Issue #41508 · ray-project/ray · GitHub.

Basically you have some way to resume failed tuning with Trainer.restore but you cannot pass a new configuration so it’s useless.
ray/rllib/examples/ at master · ray-project/ray · GitHub show a way to restore weights of your policy but I have found it to be failing.

Any working example of how to do this is welcome as many people seem to have this problem

thanks for your reply, i will continue looking for a way to solve this problem. I think the problem lies in the tune startup process, but I still don’t have the time or ability to look at the code bit by bit. I will get back to you if there is any progress