Algorithm Module - where is a2c, ddpg, td3

Hi where are the following algorithms a2c, ddpg, td3?

I am unable to find it in algorithms

Does this help ?

actually i have been trying to load it from the folder that you referred to. for example by using ray.rllib.algorithms.ddpg.ddpg import DDPG, DDPGConfig, however will receive a tree error.

It seems these algos were moved to the rllib_contrib, which needs to be installed differently. I tried the instructions here and was able to launch this example:

from rllib_ddpg.ddpg import DDPGConfig

config = (  # 1. Configure the algorithm,
    .training(model={"fcnet_hiddens": [64, 64]})

algo =  # 2. build the algorithm,

for _ in range(5):
    print(algo.train())  # 3. train it,

algo.evaluate()  # 4. and evaluate it.

Hope that helps a bit!