Action space compatibility with algorithms

Hello community,

I had this exception with DQN and DDPG but not with PPO.

UnsupportedSpaceException: Action space (Dict('agent_1': Discrete(5), 'agent_2': Discrete(5))) of DDPGTorchPolicy is not supported for DDPG.

Do we have somewhere in the documentation (or elsewhere) more information on which action spaces are supported or not by which algorithms?

Here’s the doc on discrete/continuous action support: Algorithms — Ray 2.4.0

DDPG does not support Discrete action spaces, so it cannot support Dict[…, Discrete]. MADDPG: Algorithms — Ray 2.4.0 may be what you’re looking for?

DQN should support it though; could you post your full algorithm config and multi-agent policy_mapping_fn?