1.9.0 image change

I’m not sure if this is the correct area for this, so feel free to move/point me to the correct section for this.

I have been helping my users make use of the ray-ml images in docker and k8s clusters, and was going to build a 1.9.0 image for them to begin testing with, however the 1.{X<9}.Y have been built using an Ubuntu Focal (20.04) base image,BASE_IMAGE=ubuntu:focal, where as the 1.X.Y-gpu builds have been based off of the nvidia cuda images, and specifically the bionic (18.04) version of the images, BASE_IMAGE=nvidia/cuda:11.2.0-cudnn8-devel-ubuntu18.04.

The issue I am now facing is that I have internal libraries and dependencies built for focal, that this change to only have a bionic image arbitrarily hinders my ability to deploy ray-ml:1.9.0.

I know that the build matrix is now getting a bit unwieldy,

ray: {3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9} x {cpu, cu101, cu102, cu110, cu111, cu112}.
ray-ml: {3.6, 3.7, 3.8} x {cu112}

However, I think it would be extremely beneficial for users like myself, and I have to imagine others, if there were a focal/bionic modifier, similar to the python and cuda/cpu/gpu modifier, for focal or bionic.

I would think that you would want the ray and ray-ml branches to be roughly similar, but now there is a sizeable gulf between the two images.
And given that there are focal images available from nvidia to base off of:

It shouldn’t be too difficult to either add this to the build matrix, or forklift the cuda images from the bionic/18 branches to the focal/20 branches.