RLLib aggregation


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I was wondering if there are ways to report non-aggregated data in TensorBoard or WandB?
Currently, from my custom callbacks I am capable of getting X_min, X_max, X_mean, but I’d like to be able to get all the values of the X variable.

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Hi @Selim_Amrouni , great question. Unfortunately, there is no way right now to do this for custom metrics. These are all “man”, “min”, and “max”'d.
This is on our TODO list to make callbacks and metrics more flexible and intuitive for the users, so you can a) store any type of data and b) at any episode timestep, per-episode, per-rollout, per train step, etc…

@sven1977 Thanks a lot for your answer! Looking forward to seeing these new features!

if you nest your statistic further you circumvent the aggregation. e.g. try How to log Render to tensorboard? - #9 by Sertingolix