LRU evict as a start flag

after ray start if I use ray.init(lru_evict=True,,...) I get an error stating that I cannot use this option when ray has already started
When connecting to an existing cluster, _internal_config must not be provided.

is there a way todo a ray start with the lru_evict=True option?

Hello, maybe you already have a ray runtime started, try ray stop and init the cluster again, here is the sample code which works on my laptop, hope this helps

Checking the source I think I see that this flag is deprecated:

Set the internal config options for LRU eviction.

    if lru_evict:
        raise DeprecationWarning(
            "The lru_evict flag is deprecated as Ray natively "
            "supports object spilling. Please read "
            " "  # noqa
            "for more details.")

Yeah the flag is deprecated from 1.3 because the disk spilling is on by default. Theoretically, there should be no need for lru evict since now Ray manages distributed references & OOM (by disk spilling) properly.

Thank you for the details.
I am still using Ray 0.8, definitely upgrading to 1.3 will solve my problem.
However this flag does not exist in 0.8, it only exist as a Ray init() parameter. Can I use Ray start and have this option set (with the Ray start flags)?

When I looked at Ray 0.8’s code, it doesn’t look like lru_evict is supported from that version (it is probably supported from 0.8.1?)