How to get the weight?

Hi, everybody!
I have a question with respect to the weights of the policy(actor) network.
I am implementing Inverse RL like the below figure.

Screenshot from 2021-06-25 09-55-05

To Implement Inverse RL, I am using Pytorch and loss function I implemented.
Then I got a problem. SUMO-RAY system used to numpy() type state and action.
So, I have to implement the backward() function.
How to get the Weights of the Policy(actor) network when I used to PPO algorithm.

Hey @Xim_Lee , you can always get the values of a Model’s weights as numpy arrays by doing:

policy = trainer.get_policy()
weights_as_np = policy.get_weights()

# manipulate `weights_as_np` as you like, then:


Thanks for reply @sven1977
I got solved it.
But i get new problem. How do RAY calculate the number of Parameters(weights and bias)?
could you explain me about PPO_policy network output’s mean?