How to configure Ray to access Amazon S3

There are various examples how Ray can read and write data from Amazon S3, for example


How to configure Ray with S3 credentials? I don’t run Ray in AWS, I run it locally on my laptop and want to read data from my Amazon S3 and also write there.


What’s the error message that you get?

You should be able to get this working with aws configure and making sure you have read/write permissions to your S3 bucket.

If i use Ray cluster, with few worker nodes, then i also need to run aws configure as well?
I thought there is some configuration option in Ray itself to configure S3 access…


Yeah, you need to either run aws configure or set the relevant AWS environment variables to access S3.

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@rliaw Answered in this thread in Core posted by the same user: How to access Amazon S3 - #2 by Clark_Zinzow

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