AssertionError: HEBO must be installed!


I would like to apply HEBO for hyper tuning. Even though I have installed the HEBO, I get this error when I run my code:

AssertionError: HEBO must be installed! You can install HEBO with the command: pip install 'HEBO>=0.2.0'.This error may also be caused if HEBO dependencies have bad versions. Try updating HEBO first.

Could you help me how to solve this issue?


Make sure you have torch installed as well. HEBO has as torch dependency and will fail to import if torch isn’t found.

Thank you so much @justinvyu. I installed torch and the error solved.

Thanks a lot.

I have installed the torch. But error is still same.

@Ajaykumar_pal Sorry that I missed this reply! Does import hebo and import torch work if you just try in a python shell?